Extremely driven by new and exciting projects. I bring to the table many years of practical and creative experience, specializing in a wide scope of visual communication and internet marketing tools and services which include user interface design, branding, video editing, SEO, SEM, email marketing, web design & development. I have a firm understanding of all aspects of digital marketing and social media, a sharp eye for graphic design for both print and web and a keen interest in Info-Video production.


All these years of practical and creative experience have given me the opportunity to be part of
many projects and have allowed me to work with a bunch of pretty amazing people.


  • Latest Work

    Here are some Designs that I have recently been working on; I am very pleased with the results.

    See My Portfolio Here!

Fields of Knowledge & Expertise

  • Web design

    Since my first line of HTML code in 1998, designing websites to engage people on and offline has been my fuel. I have a strong understanding of UI design, web programming languages, online marketing, SM & SEO.

  • Ui design

    The consequences of being a Web Designer, Graphic Designer and working with amazing internet marketers have made me love UI Design.

  • Prototyping

    The need to communicate my ideas & UI design concepts to developers in the most realistic way has made me a specialist in prototyping. Especially when these complex ideas are outsourced to people in different locations.

  • Graphic design

    My passion for graphic design comes from a a deep appreciation for visual communication, web design, photography, video prouction, marketing & advertisement. An image is worth a thousands words.

  • Video/photo editing

    Throughout my career, I have always had to edit and/or manipulate videos and photographs. It’s just part of my job as a visual communicator.

  • Web consultant

    In the past 14+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many, many projects with very talented people. As a consultant, I draw from these experiences in order to succeed in other projects.


Up; Down
  • How do I get a quote?

    Contact me and brief me about your project and goals. I will get back to you with a ballpark estimate.

  • How long is your free consultation?

    Usually it is no more than an half an hour. However depending on the scope of the project, it could take a little more.

  • Do you work for individuals?

    I specialize in working with agencies and startups, but I am always open to interesting projects.

  • Where are you located?

    At the moment, I am located in Montreal, Canada.

  • How do I contact you?

    Scroll down :)

Ronald Mason

Web/User Interface …Designer

For getting in touch for pricing or job inquiries, contact me by:
E. ronald@ronaldmason.com
T. +1(514) 625-3546

Montreal Web Designer