“I create unique professional web design and marketing material that is useful, usable & desirable, and online marketing strategies that go in line with your company’s business goals.”

Visual UX Design / Graphic Design

Every design project is full of possibilities. I specialize in streamlining your project to give it the direction, aesthetic appeal and the usability that it needs to be a success. Focusing on quality, I design visually engaging and innovative designs that communicate with your audience and build interest in your brand.

Web Development

Based on user research and the information architecture, I integrate complex designs into the latests CMS technologies.

Online Marketing

As an entrepreneur and business professional, I bring to the table many years of practical and creative experience. Web marketing is the best way to bring a business to new and exciting levels of success.  Understanding your business and your target audience allows me to create successful marketing strategies tailored to meet your goals.

Video Presentations

Looking for some creative content? I am a forward-thinking video production enthusiast, dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content. I can help you succeed with high quality videos that will engage your audience. Whatever your needs – a high impact webmercial, a promotional video or a series of corporate videos. My fresh approach goes beyond classical video conception and production as I develop complete video marketing strategies for your business that will help to take your company achieve its goals.

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What is Graphic Design For Web?

July 24, 2015
Graphic designers for web work on projects ranging from standards HTML websites to banner ads to flash sites and newsletters. Not only are the projects different from when working for print, the techniques are different too. Designing for the web can be seen as a continually evolving process, but when designing for...

What is Graphic Design For Print?

July 8, 2015
Graphic design for print can teach a lot to new designers. You are likely to make so many mistakes that can seriously affect the final prints. Unlike in the web, print runs are expensive and permanent. Thus, any mistakes conducted when designing for the print can prove to be costly. You cannot tweak the design and...

User Journeys & Storyboards in UX Design

July 6, 2015
A user journey involves a series of steps that signify a simulation of how a user may interact with the UX design. They are usually used for two main things. Firstly for demonstrating how users currently interact with the design and secondly how users could interact with the design. Storyboarding is similar to...