Don’t be Lax When it comes to Parallax

The Website Design world is never stagnant. You will always find different techniques and trends making their foray onto the Internet; once the craze of some new technology catches on, it spreads like wildfire and everyone wants to have their share of it. Parallax Design is like that and today, just about everyone wants a site that has Parallax Scrolling.

Web Design professionals are well aware about the fact that certain design elements that might seem like a great idea at the outset, could lead to a number of different highly-impacting issues later and this is exactly what happens with Parallax Design.

The Impacting Factors

Those moving images, different layers and the interactive hotspots are all great from a design perspective but it has been found that this “wow” factor of Parallax Scrolling has a downside that can neither be underplayed nor ignored. There are distinct concerns around how the searchability of a site gets negatively impacted and it is either overuse or misuse of this element that does it. Take a look at the things that impact:

  • It should be noted that the issues lie more with the content rather than the Parallax code itself
  • Since the site has all the information on a single page, with only one piece of metadata and a single H1 tag, search engines such as Google & Bing then index just 1 page in the search results. This has a negative impact on your organic-search visibility. It’s easier to find websites which have content interspersed over multiple pages
  • Parallax Design also makes the site heavier which increases the loading time and a delay of even a few seconds can have a significant impact on  the number of people that stick around to look at your site
  • In some instances there is also a lack of mobile devices support

The Fixes 

Despite all of this, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are still keen on using this design concept on your site, there are some workarounds. Do not bunch your mission statement, work process & case studies, culture, contact information etc onto a single page. Instead, split up those pages and optimize each page for its independent keyword.

There are a few other PHP, JavaScript and jQuery fixes which are more technical in nature and if you are inclined on using this effect, have an expert Web Designer who specializes in Parallax Design create a website with all these factors in view.

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